K! Foods & Drinks

During the last 15 years I had the opportunity to discover a variety of foods & drinks around the world. My passion for cooking & catering and my ability to be a good event organizer helped me to create a concept which allows me to share these Foods & Drinks experiences with you. Please find here my portfolio of Foods & Drinks experiences:

  • K! – The Grillman: Finest BBQ-specialities made southern-african-Style combined with a variety of southern-african Beers & Wines
  • K! – The Fishman: Tequila-Cedarwood smoked salmon filets
  • K! – The Colombian: Only the best south-american meat & rice served with a large bar of rum-style drinks
  • K! – The Wingman: The very best Chicken, marinated in a variety of flavors and smoked to perfection accompanied by asian-style rice
  • K! – The Italian: A fine choice of italian-style sauces (Meat, Fish, Vegetarian) served with your choice of Pasta and combined with best Italian Wines
  • K! – Adaption: Foods & Drinks arranged according to your wishes and chosen to fit into all locations and styles

In addition to that I provide the whole service around Foods & Drinks so that there won’t be any hurdles during your event/party.